I use movement as a form of research. Movement is such an expansive medium for story telling and I am always examining the human experience. I turn experiences and observations into questions that I can explore through the expansive range of the human body. I value story telling, honest connection, and availability. The depths of human relationships never cease to intrigue me and much of my work is focused on how people interact with each other. I try to make my works as diverse and multifaceted as the dancers and collaborators I work with in my creative processes. My work ranges from flashy and playful, to poignant and moving; mirroring the human relationships that are constantly inspiring me. I wish to continue exploring and expanding my artistic voice through movement.

Interlace Muhlenberg College, 2014

Kilter Muhlenberg College, 2015 Photo: Matthew Wright

The Tomatoes Have Turned Muhlenberg College, 2016 Photo: Matthew Wright

Fourward 100Grand Dance Photo: RAP Photographics